Building an extension and the affect on home insurance

If you’re planning on building an extension to view that gorgeous St Ouen’s sunset, or looking to undergo any building work on your property – you should let your home insurance provider know about it.

Should I tell my insurance provider about my extension?

You need to tell them if you are undertaking structural works. It’s essential to keep your insurance provider in the loop as structural works could invalidate your home insurance if they’re not made aware of changes. Any building work raises the risk you pose to an insurance provider. After all, when knocking walls through and removing floors, something may go wrong. Your home might also be less secure than usual, with builders and contractors coming and going, so it is vital to have insurance covering this potential security

When should I contact my insurance provider?

As soon as planning starts, it would be best to let your insurance provider know before any changes are made to your home, whether you are looking at additions, maintenance or renovations.

Will my home insurance cover me during building work?

If the works are subject to a formal building contract; the contract will determine where the responsibility lies regarding insurance. It could be with either the homeowner, the contractor, or both parties.

Cover for smaller works that are not subject to a building contract is likely to be covered under your existing home insurance policy; however, an additional premium for this cover might apply.

You’ll also need to check that your contractor is covered for any damage caused to your property during the build, and it’s prudent to ask for a copy of their public liability insurance.

It’s important to note if the work carried out by a contractor is faulty or not good quality, your home insurance does not usually cover this. Ensure that you do your research before contracting anyone to carry out work of this nature; this is not a time to cut corners. Many
of Jerseys larger domestic building developments are bespoke, and in this instance, you may need to find a specialist commercial insurance provider to cover you during the build.

After works are complete, you must review your building sum insured to include all the improvements you have made. You also may need to increase your contents sum insured if you buy additional furniture and furnishings following your home improvement.
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