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Commercial Property Owners

Comprehensive cover when you need it the most

Accidents happen and often when we least expect them. Whether it is a fire, theft, storm damage, burst pipe, vandalism or even a power outage; they can have a catastrophic impact on the way in which we run our businesses.

Our Commercial Property Owners Insurance policy offers comprehensive cover to enable owners and landlords alike to relax, safe in the knowledge that their biggest investment is being well looked after.

Commercial property insurance you can trust

Choosing the right commercial insurance plan is easy when you choose Jersey Mutual. Our complete buildings, contents, loss of rent and property owners liability cover is designed to meet the insurance needs of commercial owners including:

  • Block of apartments
  • Offices
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Surgeries

It is important that your building is protected from damage following unforeseen events, should the worst occur, but you should also ensure that your commercial contents and any loss of rental income is safeguarded for the future.

Our bespoke Commercial Property Insurance policy covers both your tangible and intangible assets including:

  • Commercial buildings insurance – including (but not exclusive to) unforeseen events such as theft, malicious damage, fire, civil commotions, strikes and escape of water. We can offer accidental damage where specified.
  • Business interruption – if your business or property is unable to run as normal following an insured incident, then we will make up the shortfall in your rent.
  • Cover for legal expenses and fees – Cover the cost of architect’s, surveyor’, managing agents, legal and consulting engineer’s fees incurred.
  • Property owners liability – to cover your legal liability for personal injury to third persons as well as your defence costs in the event of a legal dispute relating to your commercial property.

Depending on your property, tenants and priorities, you can pick and choose how you’d like to be covered.

Why you need Property Owners Insurance

You can rent your property with confidence, when you take Property Owners Insurance through Jersey Mutual. As a landlord it is your responsibility to protect your property from potentially damaging occurrences. From buildings and contents insurance to loss of rent, liability and malicious damage, we can protect you should something go wrong.

How much does Property Owner insurance cost?

The cost of your Property Owner insurance will ultimately depend on the level of cover you choose. There is no “one size fits all” and at Jersey Mutual we offer bespoke packages that are relevant to our client’s residential and commercial property needs.

Why choose Jersey Mutual for your Property Owner insurance?

At Jersey Mutual, we are exclusively owned by our members and since 1869 we have been working hard to stabilise premiums, increase cover and improve our service to all.

As we are not insurance brokers or part of a large conglomerate, we have the flexibility to work closely with landlords in providing tailor made insurance that matches their property portfolio.

We not only help landlords find the right insurance cover for their rental properties but can offer the following select benefits and personal touches to our members:

  • No brokers or third party involvement. Your Property Owners insurance policy is held and handled personally by senior members of our staff.
  • No agent commissions.
  • Real people who really care.

We believe that our friendly approach will be of assistance in both determining the level of insurance you require and dealing with claims, should they arise.