Unlucky with Leaks

Have you ever felt that moment of panic when you’re wedding ring is on the side of the sink in the bathroom? You take it off to put some hand cream on and don’t notice the plug open; that feeling of it nearly falling down makes your stomach do flips. Or when you think that you are winning at life and you are watching your series on your makeshift TV, balancing your iPad by the side of the bath – it almost feels like you could be in the Royal Yacht until you see it fall into the water as if in slow motion? Another piece of tech that tends to come with us everywhere, even the loo, is our phones, seemingly safe in our back pocket until we go to the bathroom and it lands into the toilet, cracking the screen and camera whilst enduring water damage at the same time. These are some examples of contents that make sense to cover, but the bathroom can lead to more significant issues than this.

The threat of water from burst pipes, leaking shower, bath or toilets can lead to devastating structural damage to your property and prized possessions, even making your home uninhabitable.

The term ‘escape of water’ is used in insurance with water damage inside the home for burst pipes, leaking appliances, wear and tear, plumbing, and overflowing drains. Wherever there is water in your home that there shouldn’t be! It is one of the most common insurance claims made by homeowners, so it pays to know what is covered by your policy and how to go about making a claim.

When it comes to water damage, not all home insurance policies are equal.

Some insurance policies will cover the repair, any damage to your building, plus the replacement of damaged possessions on a new for old basis. However, after excess, this can be more for an ‘escape of water’ claim than other kinds of products.

Often it is not clear where the source of the leak is, which is why it is essential to check that your policy includes ‘trace and access’ cover.

This product covers you for the cost of calling out a professional to detect where a leak is coming from; otherwise, it can be costly if the source is hard to find, especially in larger or older properties. When you take out a House and Home Insurance policy with Jersey Mutual, ‘trace and access’ cover is included as standard, including repairing your pipes.

When it comes to accidents – an overflowing bath, for example, insurers will not cover this as standard. However, accidental damage would usually be offered as an additional extra, so you may wish to consider this, especially if you have a large household or young children. This is something that Jersey Mutual’s team can help you with if you think it may be beneficial and would like to discuss options.

Man catching water after a leak and need for home insurance

What should I do if there is a leak in my home?

Unless you are suffering from a severe deluge of water, it is advisable to take a few steps before picking up the phone to the first available emergency plumber:

  1. In the first instance, you should act quickly and take measures to limit the damage as much as possible, such as turning off the water supply and cleaning the affected area to prevent mould.
  2. Providing the leak is contained and the threat is not immediate, it is always best to contact your insurer before work is carried out to confirm exactly what is covered and to what value. Don’t forget to check what the excess is.
  3. If you can, provide pictures or videos of the leak as evidence, as this will help your insurer to make an assessment as soon as possible. Depending on the significance of the damage or leak, a good insurer will send an assessor to your home. They may recommend favoured contractors, but you are entitled to source your own. Jersey Mutual will always send a senior member of staff to visit you when you make a claim.
  4. Other preventative measures include the regular maintenance of your pipes, protecting your pipes against freezing and avoiding blockages by being mindful of what you put down your drains. Always make sure that any work is carried out by an accredited professional.

How can I prevent leaks in my home?

It’s important to take adequate measures to prevent leaks in your home, otherwise, any claims you make could be invalid.

Jersey Mutual can offer you a lifeline when water damage occurs

We understand how stressful and worrying a leak in your home can be, and we aim to settle your claim as quickly as possible with no lengthy phone queues or delay tactics. We pride ourselves on our personal approach, and you can be assured that we will send a senior member of our team to visit you should the worst happen.

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